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Yourkovich & Associates CPA will review your tax returns for errors and potential tax savings.

  • Did I pay the right amount?
  • Did I use all my eligible deductions?
  • Is the return filed correctly according to all the applicable laws and regulations?

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Yourkovich CPA will address areas where tax troubles in preparation exist and discuss remedies with the taxpayer.

When not using a CPA or preparing a return themselves, taxpayers never know if their return is right or if they filed correctly, they just comply with the filing requirement.  The internet has made everyone smarter right?  

Taxpayers self-prepare returns because they think it is ‘easy’ or they are just a ‘small’ business so it can’t be that hard. Even the ‘easy’ returns can contain hundreds to thousands of dollars in errors.

I am concerned that taxpayers who just meet their filing requirement don’t get the proper advice and guidance that they deserve. Yourkovich CPA will ease your mind with a competent quality review of their prior year returns for FREE. You have a three year window to amend incorrectly filed tax returns. We offer this service because it is easy to get ‘any advice’ but I want to make sure you get the ‘Best Tax Advice’ available from years’ of actual experience. Have a qualified, knowledgeable and experienced CPA on your side.


Examples of recent amended returns as a result of reviewed returns.

 We Save You Money
  • Original return did not use depletion deduction or expenses withheld from royalty income.  Return was amended to save thousands of dollars.
  • Client had a son who went to college but did not use eligible education expenses on original return.  Return was amended to save thousands of dollars.
  • Taxpayer received pipeline related income.  Return was amended to take advantage of capital gain rates on the applicable pipeline payments.  Amended return saved thousands of dollars.
  • There are too many of these examples to list them all, but when we are talking about thousands of dollars saved, it is worth your time to contact Yourkovich & Associates. 



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