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Voted Number One in the Ohio ValleyTaxes, tax laws, individual tax credits, keeping records, starting a business, eligible business deductions, sales tax, cash flow, business loans, buying equipment, buying property, gas leases, pipeline easements and rights-of-way, royalties, starting a family, children going to college, insurances, investments and retirement planning.

What do all of these mean to me, who can help me understand these complex issues, where do I turn?

The answer is your local CPA. We help run your businesses more efficiently, educate you, prepare your taxes and develop sound financial strategies. Do not be fooled in to believing the huge marketing campaign from national tax preparation companies proclaiming to be audit free, fast refunds and tax expertise.  There is no substitution for a great CPA. Your CPA is a well-rounded, intelligent professional who is committed year-round to continuing education, professional training and providing you services.  We are experts in our field.  We have a good overall understanding of taxes and finance to provide you a winning combination and save you money and stress.

America counts on CPAs and you can count on Yourkovich & Associates. My name is Jeffrey Yourkovich and I am a CPA.  I have been handling my clients taxing issues with competence and friendliness since 1996. 

I have personally prepared over 21,000 tax returns. Our fees are fair and reasonable. You will realize the benefit of having a professional CPA in your corner and on retainer to call on when needed. Give us a call today at 304-242-0985 or stop by our offices at 246 Kruger Street, Wheeling, WV 26003 so we can help with your taxing issues.


The CPA. Never Underestimate The Value

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