Why use Yourkovich & Associates CPA?

Because the CPA is your most trusted advisor.

We uphold and interpret tax laws and give you appropriate advice based on your individual circumstances.  Your neighbors, friends and family may have different tax scenarios that apply only to them and may not affect your situation. Having a relationship with your CPA allows answers pertinent to you and you alone. 

At Yourkovich & Associates, your CPA is on retainer.  Yourkovich & Associates bills their tax clients once a year for tax preparation services. This fee is a retainer that allows the taxpayer to contact their CPA to ask questions and inquiries all year long.  No need to rely on the internet or word of mouth for a correct answer.  Your CPA is here all year for your benefit.  Don’t view a yearly cost as just for one service such as preparing a tax return.  Look at your CPA fees as having a trusted advisor available to you for the entire year. Don’t underestimate the value. Yourkovich & Associates does not bill you for each call or email during the year.

Are CPAs more expensive than non-CPA tax preparers and national tax preparation firms?  The CPA is very competitive in their pricing and most often not as expensive as national firms.  Their year-round focus on taxes makes them a valued advisor.

Think of your CPA fee as insurance on your taxing issues.

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